Your Story


LIVone is not about us and our story. It is about YOU and YOUR story.

Who cares what we have done? We barely do. We care about what you do and how we can help. You all live amazing and unique lives. Whether you are a doctor, coach, barista, stay-at-home parent, or student you have a life and experiences that are yours and we want to be a part of them.

We want to guide you into a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Life can get crazy busy. Your work and family alone take up most of your time and energy, and then you try to fit in a workout and hanging out with friends… all of a sudden your schedule is NUTS! We all have things we WANT to do outside of the things we HAVE to do. For me, it is hiking, camping, and golf. For you it might be gardening, traveling, or playing a pickup basketball. We want to help you have the energy to do both what you have to do and what you want to do! AND we want to help you have the health to do it for life!

The one thing I will tell you about us at LIVone Nutrition is what the LIV stands for; "Life Is a Verb" -LIV. Life is meant to be LIVed. We get caught up with everything we have going on, and forget that the point of life is to be happy and fulfilled. We need to work our ass’ off and then enjoy every other moment. That’s what we want to help with; we want to help you have the energy to get more done in less time. This will give you more time to LIV :)

We are beyond excited to become a part of your story. So get to LIVing!